Alexander Technique Individual Lessons

Tailored one-to-one lessons

Lessons are $55 for 45 minutes. Lessons can also be arranged on the UBC campus at your office location for an additional $10.

Do you find yourself slumping and then forcing yourself to sit up straight?

Do you have pain in your neck or back that you think may be related to your posture?

Do you want to feel more free, less stressed, more dynamic and yet calmer?

Do you value curiosity?

Take one Alexander Technique lesson, and see how you feel.

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Description of a Typical Lesson

During an Alexander Technique lesson a teacher will use their hands, often on the neck and head areas, to help gently guide your movement and/or structure into a more easeful and efficient manner. They will also use verbal cues to alert your attention to what is taking place, and this together with the hands will demonstrate a new way of engaging in activity.
This is an education process and not a therapy there is no massage or any kind of overt tissue or skeletal manipulation.