Reduce Stress

Increased Energy

Relief of Back Pain

Better Posture

Less Tension

Enhanced Well-Being

The Alexander Technique

Discover your Natural Posture

Sitting upright, walking tall, with more energy, effortlessly.

Reclaim your equilibrium


I was completing my bachelors in philosophy at the University of British Columbia when I first came across the Alexander Technique. I had read a book on the Technique and the ideas of mind body unity and of having choice in the moment fascinated me.

After three years of intensive training at the Vancouver school of the Alexander Technique I graduated as an Alexander Technique instructor in the summer of 2017. The Vancouver school of the Alexander technique‘s training consisted of four hours of intense training four days a week per three semesters a year. In addition to the training I received I dedicated countless hours practicing, studying and reading about the Alexander Technique. It has, and continues to be one of the hardest and most rewarding pursuits in my life. I am also a member of the Canadian society of teachers of the Alexander Technique, and hold a BA in philosophy.


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